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Large hospitals are perceived to have multitudes of ill patients in cold, clinical, intimidating wards accompanied by pungent surgical odours. This perception is often harboured by adults. Children experience greater levels of anxiety as a result of these clinical environments.

Claremont Paediatric Dental Theatre is a small theatre primarily aimed at reducing children’s anxiety in the clinical environment and especially the dental environment, which creates a variety of anxieties. As the theatre only provides dental treatment, the fear associated with large hospitals is eliminated. Secondly, the theatre was designed to be as child friendly as possible, to ease the anxiety of the paediatric patient. This is mutually beneficial for the parents and children, facilitating a pleasant experience for everyone.

It is often a pre-requisite for paediatric patients receiving dental treatment in theatre, to be admitted to a paediatric ward whilst the administrative aspects of theatre admission are taking place. This procedure may take upwards of an hour.

Our theatre requires several forms to be completed, including consent forms and the patient record forms. This process takes approximately ten minutes. No admission to wards are necessary and the patient is taken into theatre immediately; the parent may then wait in the waiting room whilst the dental procedure is carried out. Recovery follows and the patient is discharged immediately once the anaesthetist and dentist are satisfied with the recovery. The admittance to discharge of the patient takes place as expeditiously and conveniently as possible for the child and dentist.

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