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Your enamel is very important when it comes to protecting your teeth. If you take care of your child’s enamel, you can prevent a lot of dental problems from occurring. You won’t get cavities. You will have a lower risk of chipping or cracking your teeth. You will prevent many of the factors that lead to stained teeth.

When you’re young, it’s easier to adopt habits that are good for your enamel.

Instruct your child in the best practises for protecting their tooth enamel. There is a plethora of other positive effects on one’s health as a consequence.

A healthy tooth enamel can be achieved by avoiding the following:

Eating sticky foods on a regular basis

Candies like gummy bears, nutrition bars, and dried fruit can all cause tooth damage.

When Biting Into Tough Foods

Examples are ribs with the bone still in them and hard sweets.

Clenching One’s Teeth

Talk to your dentist about it if you tend to grind your teeth at night. It is possible for it to cause headaches, damage to teeth, and receding gums. An appliance can protect your enamel.

Consuming liquids other than water on a regular basis

Your dental enamel will be harmed by the acids and sugars if you often consume carbonated beverages (sugared or diet), juice, coffee, or sports drinks. This is because these beverages contain sugar and acids.

Engaging in Physical Activity Without Wearing a Mouthguard

Participating in sports significantly increases the risk of tooth injury. The boil-and-bite variety of mouthguards can be uncomfortable compared to those that are custom-fitted by your dentist.



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