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Claremont Dental in Claremont recommends that parents bring their children in as soon as their first tooth appears or on their first birthday. After that, we’d want to see our young patients twice a year so we can monitor their oral health closely.

We begin meticulously documenting every aspect of a child’s dental development as soon as they begin this lifelong journey. Dental examination are frequently part of this process. Parents are also informed of what we’re doing.

A child’s dental health can rapidly deteriorate or improve. Even after six months, a small change in nutrition or behavior, such as thumb sucking, can be seen. The sooner we can recognize such difficulties, the better, as they can lead to tooth decay or jaw development disorders in children.

Afterwards, there will be cleanups. Additionally, we offer thorough dental hygiene cleanings to eliminate plaque from the teeth and gums. We put our faith in parents to make sure their children brush their teeth at least twice a day, but brushing can’t reach everything.

Too many parents put off taking their children in for a checkup until it’s too late. If this happens, it might have dire implications. Just like their parents, children should visit the dentist twice a year.

Bring your concerns to Claremont Dental Studio’s exceptional staff. In Ground Floor, Stadium on Main (Opp Cavendish Square, Close To Planet Fitness) Main Rd, Claremont Cape Town. Please call us at (021) 683 1237. We want your child’s oral health to last a lifetime.


Claremont Dental Studio in Claremont at (021) 683 1237 if you’re seeking for a professional children’s dentist. Our exceptional team guarantees that our patients of all ages have a pleasant and comfortable dental experience.

Call (021) 683 1237 or WhatsApp 076 705 8007 today to schedule a pediatric dental examination for your child if he or she has not yet seen a dentist. Dental hygiene is just as important as vaccines, adequate nutrition, car safety seats, and medical attention.