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By building decay prevention strategies and assisting our patients in establishing and maintaining healthy dental practices, we promote preventative dental care. It will benefit today’s children more than you may know if they can avoid tooth decay.

  1. A healthy mouth translates to higher overall health and happiness.
  2. Children’s confidence and self-esteem are boosted by a beautiful, healthy smile.
  3. You can avoid the need for costly restorative dental work later in life if you keep your teeth and gums healthy as a child.
  4. Children with healthy teeth are better able to eat. It’s difficult to eat when your teeth are decayed.
  5. Normal speech development is aided by proper dental hygiene beginning at birth and twice-yearly checkups beginning with the eruption of the first tooth.

Claremont Dental Studio in Claremont at (021) 683 1237 if you’re seeking for a professional children’s dentist. Our exceptional team guarantees that our patients of all ages have a pleasant and comfortable dental experience.

Call (021) 683 1237 or WhatsApp 076 705 8007 today to schedule a pediatric dental examination for your child if he or she has not yet seen a dentist. Dental hygiene is just as important as vaccines, adequate nutrition, car safety seats, and medical attention.