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Services Offered and Procedure

1. Services offered

Children between the ages of 2 and 12 years old are treated at the theatre under GA. Solely dental treatment is offered, ranging from preventative to conservative treatments to more curative treatments.

Oral prophylaxis is offered in addition to restorative procedures focusing on the importance of the retention of the primary dentition. In some cases, though, rampant caries has rendered the entire dentition unable to restore, and therefore a full mouth dentectomy is required.

Extractions are performed as quickly and atraumatically as possible, whilst restorative procedures often require increased theatre time.

2. Procedure

The entire process at this unique clinic aims to minimise the trauma for the child patient, therefore the administrative aspect of the admission is relatively quick. The parent accompanies the child into the theatre and the procedure is explained to the parent and child.

The theatre utilises general anaesthesia (Halothane and Nitrous Oxide); the patient is initially anaesthetised under GA and dental treatment is then carried out. Once treatment has been completed, the child is recovered in the adjacent recovery room by the anaesthetist and nurse. Once recovery has been monitored and achieved, the anaesthetist, dentist and nurse explain post-operative procedures to the parents or guardians. Once the anaesthetist and dentist are satisfied with full recovery, the patient is discharged. The process from patient admittance to discharge is very quick and convenient for the child and the dentist.


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